Free Online Auction’s In South Africa


Status Auctions is the first South African complete Online Auction in the entire country! We have an exclusive selection of items for you to bid around an area near you, live online bidding and so much more for you to find the best deal. If your goal for the auction is to find something special at great deal and you think you have what it takes to stand up and put your money down, then come browse the most expensive products we have in our virtual marketplace. Tons of things to choose from, see all categories available below. Join us as we discover amazing bargains online around Johannesburg, Gauteng. Status Auctions online selling platform is the best thing since sliced bread.

About Our Online Auctions

Founded in 2008 – we are a growing community of auction enthusiasts. Online Bidding has never been easier! With new live support you can rest assured that you’re items are safe, we care about your user experience. If you would like to see more by status auctions like us on our facebook page