Car Auctions

car auctions

We agree that vehicle bidding and car auctions in on the internet should be fair. It’s a fun game with serious rules and the winner goes home with a new car! Auto trading has been around for over 15 years and it’s never been more exciting! If you would like to find out more about these great events be sure to take a look at this video:

The original founders of the automotive car auctions in South Africa have joined with Status Auctions, we have every type of car brand handpicked for new owners. Mercedes, Nissan, Hyundai, Land Rover, BMW, Volkswagen and many more. There are many skills involved in car auctioning, here is a great article that shows you everything. Choose from thousands of cars that are on display at very low prices for the highest bidder. Who will be this months auto auction last-standing champions online?

Bank Repo – Repossessed Vehicles for massive bargains!

Come join us at the Auction House this Saturday and get your dream car for up to 50% off regular prices:

Repossessed Mercedes C Class

Why bid with Car Auctions?

Every single week, hundreds of expensive cars are taken away by banks because people don’t pay their debts. Automotive Vehicle bidding has taken a new turn and you can stay on top , you can participate in South Africa’s largest car auction to date and save BIG with these limited time deals. Do you think you can handle it?

Find out how you can list your cars at our next online Auction – Every Saturday @ 10:30 am Sharp! See you there